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Last Modified:2012-02-22Entry ID:872      
Larry Dale  Duty Status:Discharged  Rank:Sgt      
Location:Udall, KS 67146 Country:USA 
MOS:0351 Served:0  Vietnam Dates:01/66 to 09/66 SN:1985435 
Boot Camp:MCRD San Diego Grad:Nov 62 Platoon:362 
Stationed:3rd Bn, 1st Mar, 1st MarDiv, H&S Co, 106 RR plt.
Interests:Veteran Issues, Sports, & Music.
Comments:Spent 2 yr. Sea Duty on USS BHR CVA-31. Arrived at Camp Pendleton, 3/65. Reported to MSGT R.F. Casey, the NCOIC of the "Unit" that was built up to became 3/1. We received new Marines out of Basic and other Marines of all paygrades. Between being in charge of assigning work details, standing Guard Duty for San Mateo, then coaching Requals on the Rifle Range. I came in contact with a great deal of men of 3/1. The Bn was stripped of lots of men to help build up 1st and 2nd Bn to full strengh. Then 1/1 and 2/1 Marines were sent directly to Viet Nam in Aug. 65. Then 3/1 was sent to Okinawa in Sept 65. Back to the Range in Okinawa. We waited and built up the Bn to full strenght. Had an inspection by Robt Kennedy That was the first full strenght. in 35-40 yrs.We were on the way to VN, landing on the beach at Chu Lai. Was with 3/1 until July 66 and was transfered to 2/7. On arrival at 2/7 met several Marines that I'd known with rec'd out of "Boot Camp" 2 yrs earlier. Rotated back to the world in Sept '66 and discharged Oct '66. Would like to hear from anyone that recalls me.Served with H&S Co 3/1 Marines from 01/66 to 09/66, 106 RR plt, 0351.

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