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Last Modified: 2005-09-01Entry ID: 741
Tim Miller     Duty Status:Retired  Rank:Cpl      
Location: Saco, MT 59261  Country: USA 
MOS: 0811  Served:0   Vietnam Dates: 6/67 to 8/67 SN: 2231577  
Boot Camp:Grad:Platoon:
Stationed: 3rd Bn, 1st Mar, 1st MarDiv, Weapons Co, BTRY C-1-11.
Interests: 0
Comments: I arrived in Vietnam, early June 1967 and was assigned to BTRY C-1-11. I trained with others at Subic Bay in Nov/Dec '67, in preparation for SLF Bravo, BLT 3/1. The remainder of my tour was spent on BLT 3/1. I was a filler with I, K, L & M CO's on different patrols when needed. Outside of my battery group, I didn't have an opportunity to get to know many of the others I served with. My tour ended in the summer of '68 and I made it home in August or September of that year. I lost track of everyone after that. It's nice to know some of you guys are still out there. Hope to find at least one from my battery - Ramos where are you? Served with 3/1 Weapons Co. from 6/67 to 8/67, BTRY C-1-11, 0811.

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